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Fresno State Transportation Institute

K-12 Railroad Model Competition 2024/2025

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About The Competition

The Fresno State Transportation Institute designed the Railroad Model Competition to be an accessible and enjoyable educational experience, helping students and teachers to build a better future in transportation sciences.

This competition is divided into 3 grade levels; Upper Elementary, Middle, and High schools. Each grade level will have 10 teams per grade and teams of up to 10 students and at least one faculty member or club advisor. This competition will also show the creativity of the teams in designing their own railroad track models in a way that is fuel and cost efficient and minimum time travelled. However, for this to happen, we would need coaches and mentors to devote at least an hour per week in working with other schools. Those who are transportation professional will be assigned as coaches. Those who are railroad modelers will be assigned as mentors. 

The registration for the railroad competition is now open. Please check this webpage periodically for updates.

Info Session
Registration is Here

Competition Resources


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RR Soldering Handbook

Provides detailed materials, safety tips, and instructions for students and teachers

Cost Estimation

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Cost Estimation Guide's (PDF)

Be sure to view the one that is appropriate for your school's grade level.


Below are complete guides containing all the rules and regulations for the competition. Click on the image to view these manuals.

Upper Elementary School

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Middle School


High School


A kit includes all the supplies you will need to build a competitive train model. It costs almost $1000 but is free for the first thirty registered schools.

Railroad Assembly

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Railroad Movement

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Informational Session

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Q1) Do you have any coaches?
We are gethering all the list of schools and from that we will finalize the list the coaches and mentors.

Q2) Which day is the competition and what time?
The competition work has already started and the competition day is tentatively scheduled for a Saturday in April 2023.

Q3) Are we going to get some transportation support?
Unfortunately, transportation to get to the venue isn't provided by the FSTI.

Q4) What if our students weren't able to meet with the competition deadline or timing?
They should present what they have done because to win this competition everything is counted.

Q5) Where is the venue?
There isn't any confirmed venue yet but most probably it will be at FresnoState Campus.

Q6) Are we supposed to build it there on the competition day?
It is highly recommended to build everything before the competition.

Q7) How will the presentation be like?
There will be presentation booth/booths depending on the venue and there will be 1-2 judges and every team will present for 10 minutes.

Q8) Will lunch be provided?
Yes, lunch will be provided during the competition.

Q9) Are schools allowed to use materials other than what is provided in the kits?
Yes, as long as they notify us of what they are using.

Q10) If all students are not able to attend, could other students go in their place?
Yes, as long as we are notified, and there is valid reasoning.

Q11) If teachers are unable to attend, could another teacher go in their place?
Yes, as long as we are notified, and there is valid reasoning.

Q12) When connecting the track to the cities, should it touch the inner circle or could it touch anywhere within the irregular shaped city bound?
The track should touch anywhere within the irregular shaped city bound. Please refer to the image link here for an example of what is expected.

Q13) What is the expected format requirements for the report? (e.g. line spacing, font type, font size, etc.)
For the report, please follow the following format:
Line Spacing = 1.5; Font Type = Times New Roman; Font Size = 12; Margins = 1 inch (all sides); Page Number in the Top Right
Bibliography/Citation Format: MLA

Q14) What is the due date of the literature review report?
The due date of the report and presentation is TBD.


For any further questions, please contact us at 


Event Media and Sponsors

We thank our current sponsors

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How to become a sponsor?

Please click on the Sponsorship Packet link to learn how you can become a sponsor and help Fresno County schools participate in the FSTI K-12 Railroad Model Competition.

100% of your sponsorship will provide schools with a full Railroad Model Kit (value of $1000), including T-shirts for the teams, organization of the competition events, and awards for the schools.

Sponsorship Package



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Rebbeca Kaaz
Admin at Fresno State Transportation Institute (FSTI)


Prem Raj Timilsena
Graduate Fellow and Competition Leader at FSTI