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Fresno State Transportation Institute



Transportation Infrastructure and Planning:

  • wang 2022
    A Gravity Model Integrating Transportation Investments and Land-Use Planning for Sustainable Development
  • inforgraphic of hsr study
    Using Isochrone Maps and OD Matrices to Assess the Impact of the High Speed Rail on Multimodal Regional Mobility in California

Public Health and Safety:

  • pesantez infographic
    Emergency Evacuation Modeling for Wildfires
  • tawfik infographic covid
    Public Transportation Air Circulation and Virus Mitigation Study

Alternative Transportation and Sustainability:

  • 2019 Wang

    Developing a fair accessibility framework through non-auto transportation modes for Fresno, CA

  • 2020 Wang
    A Multi-objective Optimization Model to Minimize the Gap in Accessibility to Multiuse Paths While Maximizing the Economic Efficiency of Active Transportation Investments for Fresno, California
  • 2021 Wang
    Do Multi-use Path Accessibility and the Clustering Effect play a Role in residents' Choice of Walking and Cycling
  • 2022 Wang
    A GIS-Based Network Analysis to Investigate the Vulnerability of Accessibility to Emergency and Lifesaving Facilities under Threats of Natural Hazards
  • dong 2020
    Do Californian Residents Save Money on Transportation Costs by Living in Transit-Oriented Developments?
  • image of tehari infographic
    Extending the Service-Life of Bridges using Sustainable and Resilient Abutment Systems: An Experimental Approach to Electrochemical Characterization of Lightweight Mechanically Stabilized Earth

Technology and Innovation in Transportation:

  • 2020 Green
    Examining the Effects of Precision Scheduled Railroading on Intercity Passenger and High Speed Rail Service
  • 2018 Li
    Development of a Quality Control Method and Guideline for Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) Using Recycled Concrete Aggregate (RCA)
  • Ahn 2018
    Bridge Monitoring Using a Digital Camera: Photogrammetry-based Bridge Dynamics Monitoring
  • placeholder
    Traffic sign extraction from Mobile LiDAR point cloud


  • Visible Light Communications Framework for Intelligent Transportation Systems infographic
    Visible Light Communications Framework for Intelligent Transportation Systems

Community Engagement and Education:




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