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Fresno State Transportation Institute

The Dynamic Duo of Central Valley Transportation

Lee Ann Eager

Diana Gomez

Lee Ann Eager and Diana Gomez, alumni of Fresno State and advisory board members of the Fresno State Transportation Institute, recently established the Central Valley’s Women In Transportation chapter. Eager said, “We wanted to make sure that students at Fresno State, including women who are working in this field, had a place to come and talk to people in the industry.” “This chapter will not only help us advocate for the Central Valley, but it will also help us advocate for one another,” Gomez stated. Eager followed Gomez’s statement with, “Join, join, join!”

For those interested in joining the Central Valley’s Women In Transportation chapter, email either Eager ( or Gomez ( to get involved. Eager stated, “We are a dynamic duo; we work to ensure the Central Valley’s future of transportation. For more information, click here.

Please click here to fill out an application for membership. Fresno State students are free!!!