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Fresno State Transportation Institute

Conference Travel Support

Applications for FSTI's CSUTC Student Conference Presentation Travel Program is currently open.

Please print out the following forms, fill it out, ask your adviser to sign it, and bring it to the FSTI office. 

  1. Travel Approval Form FSTI
  2. Additional Download Form

Student Fellows

 Applications for FSTI Graduate Student Fellows are open.

 Applications for FSTI Undergraduate Student Fellows are open.

Quotes from former graduate and undergraduate fellows of FSTI 

Students Quotes

Marina Lima, FSTI Graduate Fellow, Master’s in Civil Engineering

“Working at FSTI offers you an unique opportunity to network with professionals of diverse backgrounds. The combination of research and FSTI’s outreach activities will allow you to learn and get involved with many interesting projects while delivering and helping the local community with the transportation science needs and practices.”


Subhadip ‘Rony’ Sarkar, FSTI Graduate Fellow, Master’s in Mechanical Engineering

“Working as a Graduate Fellow with the Fresno State Transportation Institute (FSTI) was a unique and exceptional experience for me. Since the beginning, I have always been closely knit with my team members. I was always so impressed by the level of support and structure of the institute. I am so very thankful to the institute to let me be a part of it. I have evolved personally and professionally, and I cannot imagine the same without the skill that I have learned and developed over time with its association.”


Utsav Shah, FSTI Graduate Fellow, Master’s in Civil Engineering

“Being a Graduate Fellow at FSTI has enriched me with industry experience on campus. Everyone in the institute always pushes you to perform your best at a professional and personal level. I had the comfort of working from anywhere and at any time. Working on actual rail models for the Railroad model competition introduced me back to the younger me. FSTI played a significant role in my overall development, which helped me to crack my first Full-time job here in America. Overall, I enjoyed the parts of my job that came easy to me and the more challenging aspects." 


Lucca Lorenzi, Student Fellow, Will be earning his B.A. in Media, Communication and Journalism from the College of Arts and Humanities 

“The institute has equipped me with professional tools, experience and connections that continue to serve me well in both my academic and career pursuits. The institute's combined mission of innovation and education not only works to better surrounding communities but also the entire transportation industry.” 

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