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Fresno State Transportation Institute

FSTI Upcoming Events

Information on upcoming planned events hosted by or in collaboration with the Fresno State Transportation Institute can be located here. This page will be updated periodically as soon as new information for upcoming events is finalized. Please check this page often for potential new information on planned events and activites.

FSTI Year 6 + 7 Research Project Presentations


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Date: Thursday, May 09, 2024

The Fresno State Transportation Institute (FSTI) is hosting a Poster Presentation for Year 6 and 7 Research Projects. You'll have the opportunity to meet and network with our esteemed FSTI Principal Investigators, co-PIs, and students while gaining a deeper understanding of transportation research and its relevance to the Central Valley.  Attendees can gain insight into the progress being made in the transportation sector and the important topics being explored, ultimately contributing to the improvement of sustainablity in our region.

Registration is now open! Join us on May 9th to witness the dedication and hard work our presenters have invested in their projects. For more information about our session speakers, the list for the Principal Investigators (PIs) and their respective research areas is provided on the left side.

Poster Presentation Registration