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Fresno State Transportation Institute

K-12 Outreach

K-12 Hands-on Class Activities

Fun and educational transportation-related activities for the youth. Building Transportation Professionals for a better and sustainable future. The Fresno State Transportation Institute has developed several hands-on activities available for students based on grade level that cover a wide range of important transportation-related topics. If your club or class is interested in holding an activity, please refer to the forms below. If you have questions regarding how these activities are performed, feel free to contact us at:
Visit the K-12 Hands-On Activities webpage in the link below to view FSTI's available activities, or complete the interest form below if your school or club is interested in having FSTI visit.
Explore FSTI's K-12 Hands-On Activities
K-12 Outreach Activity Interest Form

Transportation Challenge 

The Fresno State Transportation Institute works to improve transportation issues all around the Central Valley. Now, the institute is helping kids imagine new ways to get to class through a fun and involved transportation challenge. “The number one issue that came up was safety, safety,” said teacher Efrain Tovar. 

Students from Abraham Lincoln Middle School in Selma are among a group of students involved in a big project that could one day change how they get to and from school. Students from Roosevelt High School participated in an activity on how active transportation can transform their city and region with members of their Ecology Club hosting a Bike to School Day. Watch the video above to learn more!

K-12 Railroad Model Competition

Railroad Model Competition

PLEASE NOTE: All information on this page is being regularly updated and will continue to change throughout the competition.

Railroad Model Competition Flyer

The competition is open to all Schools in Fresno County. Sponsorship is available to selected schools based on willingness to participate. This competition is an accessible and guided experience, encouraging students to build a better future with transportation sciences. 

Visit our K-12 Railroad Model Competition page.

Three Steps

Information Sessions:

Registration Begins: Dec. 8, 2021

Registration Deadline: Jan. 31, 2022

Competition: April 29th, 2023

Access flyer here.


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Teacher Workshop

 Announcement coming soon!

K-12 Lesson Plan

This project proposed centers on developing a suite of standards-aligned, rigorous lesson plans for secondary school teachers centered on transportation issues. Each grade level will receive 3-4 lesson plans to cover a complete 2-week unit of study. Each grade level will address a specific major topic within the field of transportation. Examples of such topics will include the societal impact of autonomous vehicles, transportation safety, and traffic flow. The designers of this project believe that education on transportation issues from an early age can elevate awareness of these issues and boost interest in transportation careers. Each lesson plan will span at least one full classroom period; some will span multiple periods. Each lesson plan will be guided by a culminating activity and will include (a) the background knowledge that expected of students, (b) strategies for scaffolding students who do not possess this background knowledge, (c) the facts, skills, concepts, and metacognition address in the lesson plan, and (d) teaching methods likely to prove effective for delivering the lesson plan in the classroom.

To see the lesson plans please click here.