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Mechanical Engineering

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The following are PDF files of posters of successful Senior Design Capstone Projects and Embedded Projects presented at the annual Projects Day held in May of each calendar year.

AY 2019-20 (May 2020)


AY 2018-19 (May 2019)

   3D Plasma CNC Machine (Partner-led project)
   3D Printed Samples (Partner-led project)
   Anechoic Chamber-Tabletop (Partner-led project)
   Anterior Tilt Wheelchair (Partner-led project)
   Automated Bottling System (Partner-led project)
   Baja SAE (Partner-led project)

   Battery Swapping Mechanism (Partner-led project)
   Carton Forming Tool (Partner-led project)
   Corona Discharge (Partner-led project)
   High Pressure Testing Chamber (Partner-led project)
   Lift Gate Redesign (Partner-led project)
   Mobile Loading Crane (Partner-led project)
   Packing Line (Partner-led project)
   Perovskite Solar Cells (Partner-led project)
   PLC Bottling (Partner-led project)
   Robotic Arm Material Handling (Partner-led project)
   Seasoning Mixer (Partner-led project)
   Vacuum Conveyor (Partner-led project)
   VEB Stage-(Partner-led project)
   WaterPurificaiton (Partner-led project)

AY 2017-18 (May 2018)

   3D BioPrinter (Partner-led project)
   3D Sannner (Partner-led project)
   BajaSAE (Partner-led project)
   BajaSAE Suspension (Partner-led project)
   Energy Harvesting (Partner-led project)
   Flange Fitting (Partner-led project)
   Indexer-Conveyor Belt ( Partner-led project)
   Poly Quarter Fender (Partner-led project)  
   Steering Angle (Partner-led project)
   Towel Counter (Partner-led project)
   Tube Finning Machine (Partner-led project)

AY 2016-17 (May 2017)

   Baja SAE (Partner-led project)
   Vehicle Bed Design (Partner-led project)
   Cookie Topping Device (Partner-led project)
   Electric Static Energy Harvesting (Partner-led project)
   ElectroActive Composites (Partner-led project)
   Implement Test Run Module (Partner-led project)
   MRF Knee (Partner-led project)
   NanoCooling (Partner-led project)
   Nanotube Composites (Partner-led project)
   Super Charger Test Rig (Partner-led project)
   Vibration Energy Harvesting (Partner-led project)
   Water Purify (Partner-led project)

   Resealable Can (Experience-project)
   Robot Arm Pedestal (Experience-project)
   Trash Bag Stopper (Experience-project)

AY 2015-16 (May 2016)

   Evaporative Cooler Circuit Stacker (Partner-led project)
   Ford Transit Poptop (Partner-led project)
   Formula SAE Drivetrain (Partner-led project)
   Formula SAE Suspension (Partner-led project)
   Full Layer Palletizer (Partner-led project)
   Nanofluidic Energy Conversion (Partner-led project)
   Press Brake Sheet Follower (Partner-led project)
   Standardized Box Quality Control (Partner-led project)
   Tremor Reduction Device (Partner-led project)
   UAV for Safety (Partner-led project)
   Vacuum Pick (Partner-led project)
   Wheelchair Power Add-on (Partner-led project)

   3D Cooling (Experience-project)
   AutoTee (Experience-project)
   Dual Compactor (Experience-project)

   Phone Grip (Experience-project)
   PVT Cooling System (Experience-project)