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Mechanical Engineering

Master of Science Mechanical Engineering (MSME) Program Overview

The MSME Program attracts three types of students: i) Seniors in the BSME program who participate in the accelerated (150 unit blended) Masters program; ii) BSME-holders working in industry pursuing a Masters part time; iii) International students who are entering a graduate program in the US for first time. The MSME provides students with an education grounded in graduate fundamentals with an emphasis on practice culminating in a Master of Science in Engineering - Mechanical Engineering option (MSE-ME) degree.

Mission of MSME Program

"To educate engineers who, entrusted by society, will create a sustainable world and enhance the quality of life during the 21st century as engineering professionals. The MSE-ME program provides advanced engineering education in Mechanical Engineering to resident students as well as to practicing engineers working in the industry and government surrounding the Fresno metropolitan area. Graduates of this program should be able to advance their career and work on complex engineering problems dictated by continuing advances in technology. Additionally, the program seeks to prepare graduates for advanced research and engineering applications to fulfill the technical needs of in the region and beyond."

Objectives of MSME Program

1) To enhance understanding, beyond the undergraduate level, of the scientific principles involved in the practice of mechanical engineering,
2) To reinforce proficiency in the methodologies of design in mechanical engineering,
3) To increase competency in using advanced techniques of analysis, including mathematical analysis and modeling, numerical techniques, and related tools as applied to mechanical engineering,
4) To improve written, oral, graphical communication skills including public speaking,
5) To develop creative thinking skills required in understanding and solving complex engineering problems,
6) To acquire and demonstrate a sufficient depth of knowledge in a substantive area of mechanical engineering,
7) To enhance analytical skills by developing a deeper understanding of major theoretical and practical engineering concepts,
8) To increase competence for solving practical yet increasingly complex discipline-specific engineering problems.

Program Outcomes of MSME Program

Students graduating from the MSME program will be able to:

1) understand the scientific principles and to know the modern, advanced professional techniques in mechanical engineering,
2) design Mechanical Engineeringor engineering products and systems,
3) know the latest procedures for analysis in Mechanical Engineeringor engineering,
4) be proficient in solving advanced problems in engineering analysis and design through the use of mathematical analysis, differential equations, finite element methods, finite differences, or least square errors,
5) be proficient in writing in general, but especially writing technical documents, research reports, and proposals,
6) be proficient in oral and public presentations in front of technical and non-technical audiences.

Program Requirements

The program consists of the following:

A. Main Core (1 unit) ENGR 200

B. Option Core (9 units) (choose 3 courses): ENGR 201, 202, 205, 206

C. Electives (14 units) Choose from remaining upper-division and program courses. Maximum of 9 upper-division units. See courses in Mechanical Engineering.

D. Culminating Experience (6 units) Students may choose from the following options:
         1. 6 units of program electives plus 0 unit comprehensive exam, or  
         2. 3 units of program electives plus 3 unit EE 298 or ME 298 Project, or
         3. 6 units of EE 299 and/or ME 299 Thesis. Total (30 units)

Up to nine semester hours of satisfactory graduate credit may be transferred into the program from other institutions if not used in completing another graduate degree program. Undergraduate courses may be transferred if the courses were not used in completing another degree program. The total undergraduate upper-division semester hours applied to this degree program cannot exceed nine hours.