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Lyles College of Engineering


Sankha Banerjee
Dr.  Sankha Banerjee, Ph.D., Rutgers University
Fabrication, plasma processing, and characterization of electro-active and photoactive materials for agricultural and biomedical applications

Hayssam El-Razouk
Dr. Hayssam El-Razouk, Ph.D., University of Western Ontario 
Computer arithmetic, cryptographic hardware, and digital VLSI circuits design

Soumyasanta Laha
Dr. Soumyasanta Laha, Ph.D., Ohio University
Analog, RF and mm-wave IC Design, Wireless Network on Chip and Biomedical Circuits and Systems

Zoulikha Mouffak
Dr. Zoulikha Mouffak, Ph.D., University of Houston
Semiconductor materials and device process technology

Woonki Na
Dr. Woonki Na, Ph.D., University of Texas at Arlington
Power electronics, electric drives, and Hardware In the Loop System based control designs for hybrid electric vehicles and renewable/ alternative energy applications

Reza Raeisi
Dr. Reza Raeisi, Ph.D., University of Cincinnati
Embedded Systems, VLSI Design Verification and Testing domains

Aaron Stillmaker
Dr. Aaron Stillmaker, Ph.D., University of California Davis
Many-core VLSI design, digital design (Verilog), physical VLSI design, and EDA tool flows

Shahab Tayeb
Dr. Shahab Tayeb, Ph.D., University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Network security and privacy, Internet of Things (IoT),  machine/deep learning techniques and data analytics

Nan Wang
Dr. Nan Wang, Ph.D., University of Louisiana, Lafayette
System-on-chip/network-on-chip communication architecture, embedded systems, smart textile sensors and wireless communication.