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Lyles College of Engineering


Special Projects

Students and faculty in the Lyles College of Engineering often receive requests from the industry members, the community and departments within Fresno State to design educational and innovative projects. Some of these projects include student club competitions like the Fresno State Tiny House Project, Poverello House Shelter  Build and various other projects from manufacturers, transportation, and agriculture entities. 

Projects Day is our annual event that takes place each May. Students have the opportunity to showcase their work to attendees. Each year, more than 100 projects are showcased and each year K-12 students, organizations and companies throughout the Valley come to enjoy the newly developed and foward thinking projects. 

NSF NeTs Bulldog Mote Project
This project aims to design a new low-power sensor node, the Bulldog Mote, using attractive low-power techniques, such as energy harvesting, clock scheduling, and dynamic voltage scheduling, implemented through all WSN design layers.
Personal Protective Equipment Design
Engineering students, alumni and faculty from the Lyles College of Engineering worked on a three-phase, innovative project to produce personal protective equipment (PPE) for doctors, nurses and other health care providers in the fight against COVID-19.
Tiny House
The Fresno State Tiny House Team designed and constructed an eco-friendly and affordable tiny home for "The Tiny House Competition – Build Small and Win Big" put on by the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD).
The “Kindling Inter-university Networks for Diverse (KIND) Engineering Faculty Advancement in the California State University (CSU) System.” is established to make systemic changes to increase the representation of women, particularly URM women, and support equity for diverse groups within the CSU engineering professoriate