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Lyles College of Engineering

Student Researchers

Current Students:


Anudeep BonasuMSE student, CompE Option, Expected Graduation: Spring 2021
Thesis topic: Exploration and Design of DVFS Algorithm and Hardware for Vehicular Network Based ASICs

Past Students:


Shylesh Umapathy, MSE, CompE Option, May 2018
Thesis: Design of Coarse-Grained Power Gating for a Fine-Grained Many-Core Processor Array
First job after graduation: Hardware Design Engineer, Intel

Karan PahwaMSE, EE Option, August 2018
Project topic: FPGA and PLC design and implementation of a dry molding plastic manufacturing system control

Pratheek ThukaramMSE, CompE Option, December 2018
Project topic: Implementation of DVFS controller based on FIFO utilization and stall percentage

Deepak RamuMSE, CompE Option, December 2018
Project topic: Dynamic XY-routing technique for network on chip router for buffer at maximum utilization

Ranga AvvaruMSE, CompE Option, December 2018
Project topic: Small-array processing unit (SPROUT v1) a RISC SIMD array

Richard CalusdianMSE Student, EE Option, May 2019
Thesis: Hardware Implementation of HEVC Inverse Transform
First job after graduation: Principal Digital Engineer, Northrup Grumman


Brian CardwellBS Student, CompE
Project topic: Data processing of power gate results

Russell Skaggs-SchellenbergBS Student, CompE
Project topic: VLSI EDA tool and server setup

Spring 2018 GraduationSpring 2018 Graduation Commencement Ceremony - Deepak, Pratheek, Karan, and Shylesh with Dr. Stillmaker at their graduation ceremony on May 18, 2018.