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Lyles College of Engineering


Research Interests

  • Processor Architecture
  • Digital Hardware Design
  • VLSI Design
  • Many-Core Processor Applications
  • Physical Many-Core Processor Design
  • Digital System Design

Current Projects

Design Methodologies for Many-Core Processor Arrays

First Column Second Column
Parallel Design KiloCore Block

The semiconductor industry has recently been adding parallel processing cores to allow for more computation on a single chip, but that has just about reached the limit. To allow for more processors on a single chip a change in architecture is required. No matter what that change is, the industry will soon be designing many-core processor arrays in mass. This project will explore these design methodologies, as well as how to use CAD tools (which were not designed with many-core systems in mind) to create these new designs.

Power Gate Usage in Many-Core Processor Arrays

Power Gates

In large digital systems power gates are used to essentially switch power rails on or off, so that if a particular block isn't performing any computation, it will not be consuming power. Power gates may also be used to switch a certain block from one power rail to another. With larger, more complex digital designs, power gates become particularly neccessary. This project will explore the usage of power gates in large digital system to help identify optimal usage.

Past Projects


KiloCore Die Photo

Development of configurable motion estimator

  • IEEE DSC 2017 (In Press)

Development of area-efficient SAR ASIC

Design of parallel database sorting algorithms for the AsAP2 chip

Characterizing performance of scaled transistors

Dual clock FIFO