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The proposed program advances understanding of research, practices, and policies that bring about systemic changes to support equity for all diverse groups in the CSU engineering professoriate. Successful examination, revision, and creation of equitable policies and practices can continue to have a significant impact for many years beyond the life of this grant on CSU campuses. The CSU enrolls one in 15 engineering students in the U.S., with the most recent data available showing the CSU enrolled 46,693 engineering students (2016), including 4,919 graduate students in engineering. In the CSU, 25% of engineering students are of Hispanic origin, 20% are women, and 16% are Asian. A diverse engineering professoriate, including thriving women, URM, and FB faculty, is critical to the successful teaching and learning of all students in our engineering classrooms. The results will be disseminated broadly including engineering conferences, e.g. ASEE, and publications, e.g. the Journal of Engineering Education. The results can support engineering colleges nationwide who face similar challenges in diversifying their professoriate.