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Lyles College of Engineering

Course Offerings in Semiconductors, Chip Design, Materials

The Departments of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Mechanical Engineering  offer a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses in semiconductors, advanced materials, circuits and systems, digital and analog electronics, VLSI design, computer architecture, embedded systems, computer arithmetic, cryptography, cybersecurity, digital signal processing.  Students gain valuable hands-on experience and use a variety of hardware and software tools, including advanced materials fabrication and characterization instrumentation in their learning, research and projects. Graduates are well prepared for careers in the semiconductor industry.

Undergraduate Courses

Switching Theory and Logical Design

Physical Electronics and Fabrication

Analog Electronics Circuits Design and Analysis

Analysis and Design of Digital Circuits

VLSI System Design

Power Electronics

Analog Integrated Circuits and Applications

Discrete Time Signals and Systems

Digital Signal Processing

Microwave Devices and Circuits Design

Microwave Amplifier and Oscillator Design

Quantum Electronics

Cloud and Cybersecurity

Advanced Digital Logic Design

Advanced Computer Architecture

Embedded Systems

Fundamentals of Machine Learning

Robotics Fundamentals

Engineering Materials

Fundamentals of Cryptography and Computer Network Security

Graduate Courses 

VLSI Circuits and Systems

Digital Systems Testing and Testable Design

VLSI Physical Design

Advanced Hardware Design of Computer Arithmetic

Modern Semiconductor Devices

Embedded Systems Design

Advanced Power Electronics

Digital Signal Processing

High Performance Computer Architecture

Digital Control Systems

Advanced Signals and Systems

Electron Microscopy