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Lyles College of Engineering

Dr. Jorge Pesantez

Civil engineering professor receives 2023 Best Reviewer Award

Dr. Jorge Pesantez, assistant professor of civil engineering, was selected to receice the 2023 Best Reviewer Award from the American Society of Civil Engineers Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management. 

"Peer reviewing is the core of science as journals invite to experts to evaluate the manuscript submitted by scientists from all over the world," Pesantez said. "Receiving the Best Reviewer Award means a lot to me as a researcher, and it motivates me to keep researching water resources management."

The journal reports on multidisciplinary and emerging issues in the field of water resources planning and management. Journal publications include research and practical applications that examine engineering, social, economic, environmental, cultural, recreational, and/or administrative aspects of the use, distribution, regulation, reuse, and conservation of water in natural and built environments.

"The Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management of the American Society of Civil Engineers is one of the most recognizable technical venues that publish works after a hard peer-reviewing process," Pesantez said. "This journal is constantly the source for novel research, and its scope brings practitioners and researchers the opportunity to improve our water infrastructure components. As an LCOE Faculty, I look forward to working on more research projects related to water and aiming to publish them in highly recognized journals."