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Lyles College of Engineering

Photo of Joshua Mallory

Hands-on experience helped Joshua Mallory excel in construction management

By the time Joshua Mallory began pursuing his degree in Construction Management in the Lyles College of Engineering at Fresno State, he already had keen insight into the processes of the construction industry. His extensive hands-on experience such as tying rebar, operating tractors, and plan reading helped prepare him for the program.

As a hard-working student, Joshua made the President’s and Dean’s Lists multiple times and took advantage of the well-rounded college experience Fresno State provides. He was active in several student clubs and organizations.

“Over the course of his journey to graduation, I have watched this young, smart, friendly, and careless-seeming young person grow into a dedicated, witty, intelligent, and driven professional. He has demonstrated his strengths in leadership, collaboration, and dedicated tireless energy,” Molly LM Smith, AIA, SSH, architect, and construction management lecturer in the Lyles College of Engineering said.

Joshua participated in several national and regional student competitions such as the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) in Las Vegas where he served as part of the cofounding team and a lead presenter. He also participated in the Associated Schools of Construction (ASC) Commercial Competition in Reno.

His skills and talents were often noticed by various industry representatives who visited presentations put on by the Construction Management Program. This resulted in internship opportunities with some of the most innovative construction companies in the United States. Including Whiting-Turner, and locally owned, New England Sheet Metal and Mechanical Company – one of the oldest infrastructure firms in our region.

Nominated as a Dean’s Medalist nominee for the Department of Construction Management, his professors say Joshua is one to watch and will go far in his field.

“Joshua Mallory’s well-rounded character complements his academic achievements,” Lloyd Crask, MS, PE, and lecturer in the Lyles College said. “I could hardly imagine a candidate that would prove more talented, more capable or more enthusiastic.”