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Lyles College of Engineering

Emergency Plan

The person responsible for our department’s Emergency Plan is J. Larralde, EE178A, (559)278-2566.

  • In the event of an emergency you should proceed to the nearest exit in an orderly manner. The assembly area for our department is the lawn area of the North Gym Annex. For minor emergencies assemble in the lawn area North of Engineering West, next to Parking Lot M.

In case of fire, the following procedures should be followed:

  • Leave the building quickly. Do not try to fight the fire yourself. If someone is trapped, use a fire extinguisher or hose to provide an escape path ONLY if you know how to use such equipment and can do safely.
  • Call 911 from a CAMPUS PHONE in an adjacent building (if you call from a cell phone the call WILL NOT be answered by Campus Police).
  • Report to your designated assembly area and await instructions from your supervisor or emergency personnel.

In case of bomb threat, etc:

  • Leave the building quickly and proceed to the designated assembly area.
  • Follow the directions of your supervisor or emergency personnel.

In the event of a medical emergency:

  • Call 911 on a CAMPUS PHONE.
  • Render assistance to the victim if you know how; otherwise call out for assistance from others that might be in the area.


  • Flood - Seek higher ground.
  • Fire - Evacuate the building or area.
  • Earthquake - Get away from buildings.