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Lyles College of Engineering

2016 - 2017

Lyles College of Engineering Students ... 

Do you have innovative ideas … To benefit society? Improve a product or design new products? Are you passionate about launching your own business?

You could receive funding, mentoring, and technical support! 

Timeline for 2016-2017 Innoventures Program: 

October 10, 2016: deadline for applications
October 17, 2016: preliminary screening done by Innoventures Faculty, send invite to applicants for presentation
One day in the week of October 24-28, 2016: applicants' presentations to the review board
October 31, 2016: final decision on applications
November 7, 2016: Project starts
November 21, 2016: Gantt chart of project due
January 9, 2017: First progress report due
March 6, 2017: Second progress report due
May 1, 2017: Final report due
May 8-12, 2017: Poster presentation at Projects Day

About the Innoventures Idea Challenge
Lyles College of Engineering students are invited to participate in the  Innoventures Idea Challenge. Ideas may be submitted by a team of students or by individual students. Teams can comprise of students from different Lyles College majors, and students from other Fresno State schools and colleges (e.g., Business, Science and Mathematics, Agriculture, Art, etc.). Students can request funding of up to $2,000 to turn their ideas into reality. Funds can be used for materials (and related expenses) needed to design and build ideas.

Ideas will be reviewed, and those selected for funding will receive mentoring from technical experts and business leaders. Idea proposers will be expected to give a presentation to the reviewers as part of the selection process. The selected teams will be required to participate in seminars and workshops. Some of these seminars and workshops may be held during the evenings or Saturdays. Students will also be able to utilize resources at the Lyles Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. There will be several networking opportunities with business leaders, and successful entrepreneurs. All students have opportunities to attend seminars and workshops.

Application Process:

Submit a single PDF file containing the following to Dr.The Nguyen at

  • 1-page cover letter (list team members and majors - if submitting as a team).
  • 1-page resume (each team members must submit a resume).
  • 3-4 page idea proposal – a description of your idea and why you think it is innovative, what the end product will be and its benefit to society. The narrative should also include descriptions of prior art (similar products) along with why the proposed ideas complement/enhance prior art. You also need to make a business case for your project idea.
  • Detailed budget, and proposed timeline to complete your work.
  • Acknowledge that you will participate in workshops, seminars, and that you will present your work at the 10th annual Projects Day.

For more information, contact any of the following faculty:
Dr. The Nguyen/Phone: (559) 278-1675
Dr. Wei Wu
Dr. Gregory Kriehn
Dr. Hovannes Kulhandjian
Dr. Woonki N




Innoventures goals are to:

  • Introduce and expose Lyles College students to operational concepts of entrepreneurship from both an engineering and business perspective
  • Foster problem solving, critical and creative thinking
  • Provide opportunities for Lyles College students to work in true multi-disciplinary teams
  • Provide Lyles College students to interact with and learn from experienced entrepreneurs
  • Provide students with a nurtured environment to transition from concept development to preparation for commercialization
  • Educate students in the core operational principles of entrepreneurship (business plan development, effective communications, financing, business creation, risk, etc.)
  • Produce graduates who will not only have the technical expertise by virtue of their engineering degrees but also a fundamental understanding of business and entrepreneurship
  • Provide opportunities for engineering and construction management faculty to develop or enhance their own understanding of innovation and entrepreneurship