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Advising Center

Academic Advising

About us

Academic Advising at the Lyles College of Engineering is a vital part of students' college experience. Advising is all about working together to help students succeed in their academic goals. By partnering with an advisor, the student will be better prepared to make informed decisions and achieve their academic goals. Together, the student and academic advisor will work on setting academic goals, personal, and career goals. 

Benefits of Advising

When students participate in Academic Advising, they will benefit from the following support provided by the academic advisor: 

  • Help students navigate complex degree requirements, course selections, and career pathways and academic challenges such as course scheduling conflicts or academic probation.
  • Provide personalized guidance tailored to each student’s academic and career goals.
  • Connect students with university resources and support services such as tutoring centers, career services, and academic workshops. 
  • Assist students in creating and maintaining a plan for timely degree completion.

Please Note: A Faculty/Program Advisor will be assigned to students in the Lyles College of Engineering based on their major. It is required that students meet with their assigned Faculty Advisor at least once per academic year.

Types of Academic Advisors

Lyles College of Engineering Advising Center and Major Department Advisors

Academic Advisor (Advising Center)

Provide advising and support to all students pursuing and/or interested in changing their major into LCOE.

Major Department Advisors (Faculty)

Provide academic advising and support to students from their discipline.

Academic Advisors and Students Expectations 

Academic Advisors within LCOE are committed to: 

  • Develop an advising relationship that is collaborative, where each student feels a sense of belonging, support, and guidance
  • Learn and use the associated technology that supports advising and registration
  • Assist and guide students in developing a graduation plan outline (to include internships, study abroad, and other options that are specific to the major)
  • Provide referrals to any students needing particular Fresno State support services and information on enrichment opportunities
  • Assist students in reading and understanding their audit (Degree Progress Report)

Student advisee is expected to

  • Check university email regularly since it’s the official way Fresno State communicates with students
  • Proactively seek advice from their advisor early in the semester and familiarize with major requirements, keeping track of their academic process
  • Schedule and attend advising session regularly, arriving punctual and prepared with inquiries
  • Stay informed about important dates and deadlines via their academic calendar and Office of the University Registrar’s website
  • Enroll into courses discussed during each advising session