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Electrical and Computer Engineering


  • Smart Renewable Energy Grids: Collaborative research on privacy-preserving cloudlets for critical infrastructure
  • Securing Smart Cities by Design: Collaborative research on utilizing deep learning to detect zero-day anomalies
  • eHealth/mHealth: Collaborative research on indoor positioning systems
  • CyberInfrastructure of Solar Energy-Water-Environment Nexus in Nevada: Collaborative research on compression techniques for environmental big data
  • Countering the Use of UAS as Delivery Vehicles of WMD: Collaborative research on improving detection through synergy of predictive analysis of Delivery Vehicles and capabilities of UAS, and development of a full-mesh network to be used for geo-fencing against threats
  • Science DMZ: Collaborative research on facilitating use of dedicated bandwidth for research big data traffic
  • A Deep Learning Approach for Network Dynamics: Designed a framework for automatic discovery of malicious IP clusters using Graph Theory and Deep Learning
  • Research Experiences for Teachers: Designed a six-week research program for Clark County School District high-school teachers to transfer research skills to their classrooms
  • Research & Engineering Apprenticeship Program: Designed an extensive summer research program for the selected high school seniors to help them transition to the research lab for their undergraduate studies
  • Army Education Outreach Program Unite Grant: Designed a summer research program for selected middle and high school students to expose them to STEM research
  • Autonomous Vehicular Networks: Developed a secure network framework for V2V, V2R, and V2C communications