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Electrical and Computer Engineering


Undergraduate Program Computer Engineering

Welcome to Computer Engineering! The mission of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is to fulfill the needs of the region and state by providing an undergraduate technical education in electrical engineering and computer engineering to a diverse group of students. Additionally, the department strives to continually update its program of study in order to qualify its graduates for positions in industry located in the region and beyond while providing sufficient breadth and depth in its program to assure its graduates a successful practice in the profession. At the same time, students are grounded in the rigorous scientific and theoretical foundations of the discipline, in order to enable graduates to enter and be successful in advanced level educational program of their choosing, but also to be able to build upon this strong foundation and extend it to new depth.

Computer Engineering Major

Computer Engineering  encompasses digital and computer systems,  embedded processors, digital signal processing, R. F. (wireless) systems,  optical communications, solid-state electronics, integrated circuit design and fabrication, computer networking and software engineering. Our BS degree program combines:   

  • A strong emphasis on electrical  engineering (primarily electronic circuits and systems) 
  • A broad basis in mathematics, physical science, and general engineering 
  • Fundamentals of computer science including programming methodology, software engineering
  • Introductory and advanced concepts in  the design of computers and computer systems 

A rich set of technical area courses is available to allow students to broaden their knowledge within any of several computer engineering areas. 

Bachelor of Science Degree Requirements
Computer Engineering Major

Fresno State Catalog - Computer Engineering, B.S. Degree Requirements

Computer Engineering Roadmaps