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Electrical and Computer Engineering

Cadence University Program 

California State University, Fresno (Fresno State) is a Cadence University Program Member. The Electrical & Computer Engineering department utilizes Cadence Electronic Design Automation (EDA) tools in undergraduate and graduate courses and research projects. 

Courses using Cadence Products  

  • ECE 153: Power Electronics
  • ECE 162. Analog Integrated Circuits and Applications
  • ECE 166. Microwave Devices and Circuits Design
  • ECE 168. Microwave Amplifier and Oscillator Design
  • ECE 176: Advanced Digital Logic Design
  • ECE 240: VLSI Circuits and Systems
  • ECE 291T: Special Course on VLSI design

Research Projects using Cadence Products

  • Integrated circuits and systems research (digital, analog, RF and mixed)
  • Power electronics research

Faculty Contacts

1. Dr. Soumyasanta Laha Phone: 559.278.2433 E-mail:

2. Dr. Aaron Stillmaker Phone: 559.278.4823 E-mail:

3. Dr. Hayssam El-Razouk Phone: 559.278.2094 E-mail:

Technician Contact

Larry Barnes Phone: 559.278.7990 E-mail:


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