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Electrical and Computer Engineering


All fields are required to be considered.

There is no registration fee to attend this workshop and no travel is required. You must have access to a land line high speed internet (DSL or cable) and satellite internet connection is not acceptable. Attendance limit is 20 in each region and each attendee will receive a free PIC training system/kit, a webcam, a microphone headset (a value more than $250), and $400 for the 3 days training for profession development. $400 reimbursement will be mailed to you upon the successful completion of the workshop that requires the continuous attendance for 3-day program. There is an additional $100 payment, if one completes a required project with the learned material and verifies it by the regional faculty.

Reimbursment: Each attendee will be eligible to receive $400 for the professional development time after successfully competing three days of the on-line workshop. You will be asked to fill out a form on the first day of the workshop where you will be asked to give your social security number. The check will be mailed to you after the workshop.

Return of the PIC Training System (kit + webcam + microphone headset): If you register and been selected to this on-line training workshop and received the hardware and software, but fail to attend or miss any session of the workshop, you are then required to return all the materials which will be provided to you.

This is an NSF funded grant that requires equal access to professional development activities and resources, especially underrepresented populations. The following requested information is solely to meet the requirement of the grant proposal obligation.

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