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Electrical and Computer Engineering


   Dr. Zoulikha Mouffak

    Associate Professor
    Electrical and Computer Engineering

With an initial background in solid-state physics, Dr. Mouffak came as international student from Algeria to the US in 1999 to pursue doctoral studies in electrical engineering, and she obtained her PhD from the University of Houston in 2003.  She has a unique background combining academia, research, and industry, with 15 years college teaching experience in physics and engineering subjects, and 14 years combined semiconductor processing experience both from academic research and semiconductor industry. Dr. Mouffak’s research interests are mainly in semiconductor materials and device process technology. She has worked on wide bandgap materials, especially GaN, as well as on porous silicon (P-Si) processing and characterization, and oxides’ electrical and physical properties. She has published in all three areas in refereed journals. Dr. Mouffak has also interests in solar cell fabrication and characterization, flexible electronics, and graphene for electronic applications.  With the help of major federal grant she obtained, she has recently established the Materials Device Processing Lab (MADEL) that will enable students to acquire materials device processing and characterization experience, and get exposure to research in this exciting field.

Dr. Mouffak has been teaching core and senior-level courses in the electrical and computer engineering programs, including the introduction to the ECE program, electrical circuits, electronics I and related lab, Electronics II and related lab, Physical electronics, VLSI  layout design, and advanced Semiconductor Devices. For the last seven years, she has been involved in researching best practices in undergraduate teaching and research and for the improvement of graduation rates at the Lyles College of Engineering. Dr. Mouffak is an enthusiastic advocate for women and minorities’ inclusion in STEM fields of education.