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Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement (MESA)

About MESA

Fresno State MESA's mission is to develop in disadvantaged students, especially those from underrepresented groups, the knowledge and skills that will enhance their interest and prepare them for professions requiring degrees in engineering, and other mathematics and science-based fields.

Hands-on Projects Locally, MESA involves a partnership between California State University, Fresno, area schools, school districts, industries, and professional organizations. We serve students in 6th through 12th grades. Major elements of the program include:

  • MESA Day Competitions
  • School-site MESA meetings (either as a class period or as a meeting before or after school)
  • MESA Saturday Academies
  • Academic Advising
  • SAT/PSAT Preparation
  • Study Skills Training
  • Career & College Exploration
  • Student Leadership Training
  • Parent Involvement
  • Professional Development for Teachers

Check out our program brochure for most information.


MESA was founded in 1970, coming to Fresno ten years later. To the extent possible under California law, MESA encourages participation by students from groups that have been historically underrepresented at four-year institutions. Currently, there are twenty MESA centers around California. Collectively, these centers serve over 15,000 students at 316 schools. The MESA program in California has served as a model for similar programs in seven other states.

Accolades for MESA

We are proud that a number of prominent people have publicly recognized the many successes of the MESA program. A selection of their comments is below.

"MESA is a shining example of how educators, from primary to postsecondary, can form partnerships to work toward closing the achievement gap."
Jack O'Connell
Former State Superintendent of Public Instruction

"The MESA program is a critical component of the California State University's outreach efforts to get underserved students to take and master math and science classes in middle and high school. With those skills, they will be on the right track to succeed in college, and obtain degrees in the engineering, technology or science fields and enter the California workforce as robust contributors to the state's economic future."
Charles B. Reed
Chancellor, California State University

"Students often just need the right kind of academic support to succeed. MESA provides the right mix of tools to help students achieve in some of the most critical areas of study."
Jonathan Brown
President, Association of Independent California Colleges and Universities

"MESA helps us fulfill our commitment to excellence and equity in education for all of California's students. We are proud to serve as the statewide home for this innovative and effective program."
Mark Yudof
President, University of California

MESA is Successful!

In addition to encouraging students to learn about math, science, and engineering, MESA has worked to establish a college-going culture. Over 70% of MESA graduates go directly to college after graduation, compared to a statewide rate of 48%. On a local level, Fresno State MESA can point to the successes of numerous MESA alumni who have earned their bachelor's and higher-level degrees and gone on to serve their families and communities in a variety of math and science-based careers.

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