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Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement (MESA)

Mesa Day

Think you can build the fastest mousetrap car or create the best prosthetic arm? Maybe you would rather try to build the strongest bridge or develop the most interesting website? These are just a few of the MESA Day projects that you can tackle. All of the projects are hands-on, and they'll help you learn how to apply math, physics, engineering, chemistry, and biology to real-life problems.

Once you have perfected your car or arm or bridge or website, you'll be able to enter it in our annual MESA Day competitions. MESA Day competitions give you the chance to test your skills and projects against other MESA students from around central California. We hold a preliminary competition at Fresno State in March, with top finishers going on to compete at the regional level a month later.  One project- NEDC -even has a state and national competition!

Are you ready to start thinking about your MESA Day project? Check out the MESA Day Rules page for a complete listing of projects Also, check out the National Engineering Design Competition (NEDC)  page for more information on the Human Centered competition.

Good luck and have fun!

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