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Civil Engineering

Advisory Board for Civil Engineering

Current Members

Tony Akel, Akel Engineering Group, Inc.

Heather Bashian, Provost & Pritchard

Kassy Chauhan, SWRCB

Todd Goolkasian, Cornerstone

Neva Popenoe, ASCE President

Mike Leonardo, FCTA

Randall Morrison, City of Fresno

Walt Plachta, CEI Engineering

Mark Reitz, AECOM

Luke Serpa, City of Clovis  

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Moammad Alimi, County of Fresno

Debbie Campbell, FMFCD

Mark Der Matoian, Caltrans

Amer Hussain, Geosyntec Consultants

Michael Jundt, Associated Design & Engineering

Susana Maciel, ACEC Outreach

Esteban Pauli, Pauli Engi.

Rick Ransom (Chair), Brooks-Ransom Associates

Bill Stretch, Fresno Irrigation District


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Civil Engineering Program Advisory Board

The mission of the Advisory Board is to assist the Civil Engineering Program achieve its academic mission. The advisory board is comprised of practitioners from consulting firms and government agencies committed to academic excellence in undergraduate and graduate education. Following are some of the primary roles of the advisory board:

  • Advise faculty on desired program outcomes, learning objectives, and other educational issues, as constituents representing the community of employers of graduates
  • Provide advice on the needs of, and trends within, engineering practice
  • facilitate cooperation among individual businesses, community, governmental groups, professional organizations, practicing professionals, and the students and faculty of the program
  • Help recruit practitioners to support faculty’s needs for adjunct instruction
  • Serve as industry contacts for faculty
  • Serve as a lobby group for civil engineering education causes


The board shall consist of professionals from pertinent Civil Engineering disciplines with experience in the public and private sector. Members are selected and appointed by the Chair of the Civil Engineering Department for a three-year term (renewable).


The advisory board meets four times per year (twice every semester). Prior to each meeting, the Chair of the Advisory Board in close consultation with the Chair of the Civil Engineering Department will issue an agenda for distribution to all board members and the Civil Engineering faculty.

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Department Emergency Plan

Procedures to follow in the event of an emergency