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NSF NeTs Bulldog Mote Project

Simulator Installation Guidelines

The Fresno State Bulldog Mote Team

1. Niagam Simulation

    Nirgam simulator website

    Nirgam simulator download

    Nirgam installation guide  

    Youtube videos

    How to install Nirgam Simulator

    How to run simulation with odd even routing on NIRGAM

    How to implement new algorithms to Nirgam

2. NS3- Network Simulator V3

    NS3 simulator website

    NS3 installation guide- Russell

    NS3 installation guide- Anthony and Randy 09/13/2020

3. Raspberry PI with TelosB

    Raspberry PI board

    TelosB mote website

    TelosB installation guide

    Guide to TelosB mote

4.Contiki OS

    Contiki website

    Contiki installation guide

5. STM32 Module

    STM32 blue pill

    STM32 installation guide

6. HM10 BLE Module

    HM10 module website

    HM10 BLE installation



Last Updated on 09/25/2021.