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NSF NeTs Bulldog Mote Project


  • Arvindh Srinivasan and Dr. Nan Wang
    • An Efficient deisgn of Low-cost SOC Design 2020-2021
  • Camron Lane, Calvin J. Smith and Dr. Nan Wang
    • An Energy Balancing Algorithm for MANETs 2020-2021
  • H. Martinez, M. Marji,C. Lim,J. Kim, Dr. N. Wang and Dr. W. Na
    • Sliding Mode Control of Energy Harvesting Systems 2020-2021
  • Y. Xie, J. Kim, M. Lee, J. Park and Dr. W. Na
    • ,“ An Impedance Behavior Study of Commercial NCA Cylindrical Battery Cells 2020-2021
  • WSN and MANET low power protocol design and simulations
    • Dr. Nan Wang, Russell S. Schellenberg, and Daniel Wright 2019-2020
    • Dr. Nan Wang, Rishika Datla, Rijutha Datla, and HarshDeep Jhajj, 2018-2020 
  • WSN communication gateway and physical design
    • Dr. Nan Wang, and Jarrod Smith 2019-2020
    • Dr. Nan Wang, and Jarrod Smith 2018-2019
  • Sensor physical signal sampling and processing
    • Dr. Nan Wang, Alwin O. Villamor and Daniel Jacuinde-Alvarez 2018-2019
  • Energy harvesting basic circuit hardware design
    • Dr. Woonki Na and M. Marji and H. Martinez 2019-2020
    • Dr. Woonki Na and Luis Ortega 2018-2019 
  • Energy harvesting hardware and software design integration  
    • Dr. Woonki Na, and Cheaheng Lim 2019-2020
    • Dr. Woonki Na, Cheaheng Lim and Jasmin Lopez 2018-2019
  • Energy harvesting Maximum Power Point Tracking Algorithm research.
    • Dr. Woonki Na and Shwetha M. G. Manoharan 2018-2019

Last updated on 10/06/2021