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Civil Engineering

Visiting CA’s High-Speed Rail Construction Sites

The California High-Speed Rail (known also as CAHSR) is a signature-infrastructure, public-funded project currently undergoing construction in California, USA. The California High-Speed Rail Authority is responsible for planning, designing, building and operation of the first high-speed rail system in the nation. When complete, the CAHSR is estimated to be 800 miles long, connecting San Francisco (Northern CA) and San Diego (Southern CA). CAHSR can reach a maximum speed of 220 miles per hour (or 350 kilometers per hour), in dedicated HSR segments.

On November 18, 2022, in collaboration with CAHSR regional Fresno office, Drs. John Green and Ching Chiaw Choo conducted a field trip with a group of 13 students from the CE157 and CE291T courses, visiting three CAHSR construction sites: (1) San Joaquin River Viaduct, (2) Conejo Viaduct, and (3) Cedar Viaduct.

Students and staff visiting the San Joaquin River Viaduct
Picture 1 – A visit to the San Joaquin River Viaduct (located about 18 miles north of Fresno State campus)

Faculty and students visiting the Cedar Viaduct
Picture 2 – A visit to the Cedar Viaduct (located about 14 miles south of Fresno State campus)