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Civil Engineering

Hoist Safety Plan

DO NOT operate malfunctioning equipment

DO report condition for repair by a qualified person

Before Operation

  • BE FAMILIAR with manufacturers instructions, National Safety Standards and OSHA Rules

Check Chain or Rope

  • MUST be seated in grooves, sheaves, or sprockets
  • MUST NOT be twisted, kinked, or damaged in any way

Check Controls

  • ALL limit switches must function properly
  • DIRECTION of hook travel MUST be in same direction as shown on controls


  • CLEAR all personnel from service platform and path of load

While Operating

  • DO NOT lift more than the rated load
  • DO NOT lift people or loads over heads of people
  • WARN personnel of approaching loads
  • DO NOT use the hoist rope or chain as a sling
  • DO NOT use the limit switches as routine operating stops. They are EMERGENCY devices only
  • DO NOT operate if rope or chain slips from groove (or sprocket). Place rope or chain in grooves (or sprocket) before continuing operation.

Before Leaving Operating Position

  • DO NOT leave load suspended and unattended
  • ALWAYS disconnect from power supply when equipment is not in use