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Civil Engineering

Chemical Safety Precautions


  • Safety glasses are to be worn whenever working with acids, bases, or any flammable materials.
  • Let the instructor know immediately about any glassware breakage or chemical spills that may occur so that proper cleanup procedures can be instituted.
  • Use pipet fillers whenever pipeting any fluid.Whenever working with acids or bases, have the chemicals available at your work station, do not carry pipets with fluid across the room.
  • When diluting acids, pour the acid into the water, NOT water into acid as this may cause spattering of the acid.
  • When acid is mixed with another reagent, an exothermic reaction may occur which heats up the container, This is natural, so do not panic and spill contents.
  • All volatile materials must be handled in a hood with the exhaust fan on.When refluxing any solutions, perform this operation under a hood, and use boiling beads in the reflux vessel to prevent any excessive "bumping" and possible glass breakage.
  • Use heat-resistant gloves and/or tongs when handling hot glassware, chinaware, etc.
  • Use plastic gloves when handling any hazardous materials to prevent skin contact.
  • Label and date all chemical mixtures that are made up and kept for future use.
  • Do not store basic solutions in glass containers with glass stoppers, use plastic or rubber stoppers.
  • Dispose of all used solutions in an approved manner as directed by the instructor.
  • Empty all used inoculated bacteriological media from test tubes or dishes into a designated container so that it may be sterilized before disposal.
  • Before leaving, turn off all power and heat to the apparatus you have used, or place in the standby mode.
  • Clean all spatulas, glassware, and dishes after use and before storage to prevent contamination.
  • Return all chemicals you are using to their proper storage space.Be familiar with the use of the eye-wash, the laboratory shower (if equipped), and the first-aid kit if they are needed at any time.