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Electrical and Computer Engineering

Cybersecurity Minor

Undergraduate Program Cybersecurity Minor

Cybersecurity is a critical aspect of the world's digital infrastructure. Industries and agencies worldwide are seeking professionals with knowledge and skills in cybersecurity. The CyberSecurity Minor offered by the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering will provide students with a strong foundation in the principles and methodologies of cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity Minor Objectives

The Cybersecurity Minor Program combines:   

  • Fundamentals of computer engineering including digital logic, algorithmic computations, computer architectures, and computer networks.
  • A rich set of cybersecurity specialization courses to allow students to broaden their knowledge within any of several cybersecurity areas.


Cybersecurity Minor Requirements
The minor requires 22 units total, of which 9 units must be exclusive (not double counted for a major or another minor).

All students pursuing the minor must complete the following courses (13 units)*:

ECE 85   Digital Logic Design
CSCI 41  Data Structures
ECE 118 Microprocessor Architecture and Programming
ECE 146 Computer Networks

In addition, students pursuing the minor must complete the following nine (9) units:

ECE 150 Cloud and Cybersecurity
ECE 156 Fundamentals of Cryptography and Computer Network Security
IS 141     Cybersecurity and Risk Management

Another cybersecurity course taken at Fresno State or at another accredited institution with prior approval of the department chair can count towards three (3) units from these nine (9) units.

Minor Advising Notes

  1. All course prerequisites are enforced.
  2. Courses in minor must be taken for a letter grade.
  3. The Cybersecurity Minor requires 2.5 GPA and 9 upper-division units in residence.

* Students are advised to seek their advisor’s input upon course selections:
- Computer Science students may replace CSCI 113 and CSCI 156 for ECE 118 and ECE 146, respectively.
- Information Systems and Decision Sciences students may replace IS 51, IS 166, and IS 182 for CSCI 41, ECE 118, and ECE 146, respectively.


Dr. Hayssam El-Razouk
Assistant Professor